Arbor is an MIS system used by schools to manage their education data. The Arbor API allows developers to read and write this data using their own programs and software systems.

Using the Arbor API you can:

  • 1. Get student details
  • 2. Write attendance marks
  • 3. Synchronise data between Arbor and another system
  • 4. Synchronise data between Arbor and the school's Active Directory (AD)
  • 5. Create new innovative user interfaces and mobile applications

NOTE: The Arbor API uses bank-grade security and authentication protocols. You can develop code against a sandbox API but to get access to a real school's data the school must grant you the API credentials directly.

Is the Arbor API REST-full

Arbor API is a REST API. This means that resources are queried, create, retrieved and updated using individual HTTP requests and the HTTP methods GET, PUT and POST respectively. The HTTP response contains XML or JSON data which is a representation of the resource on the server. If the resource you are accessing is a Person resource then the XML response will contain tags for their name, date of birth etc.

Do I need to be a developer to use the Arbor REST API?

Yes. To make use of the Arbor REST API you will need to have some experience with coding and accessing web services. Some exposure to XML or JSON will also be helpful! Even if you don't know how to code you can still play with the API by making requests using the address bar of your browser. The XML will then be returned you as text.

How are resources represented in the API?

Resources are represented as XML or JSON. You can choose either format by specifying an Accept Header in your request. The representation for retrieved resources will contain all of the properties of that resource including any nested (related) resources.

If you are querying the API for a list of resources then these will be represented as simpler objects which contain the type of resource and the URL at which you can download the full representation.

This means that using the REST API to read large amounts of data can involve a lot of requests!

Are there any libraries or SDK-s available for the Arbor API?

Yes, we offer SDKs for .NET and PHP. They greatly increase productivity and make it trivial to connect to the API and retrieve resources which are represented as objects. Using one of the SDKs will also give you full IDE auto-completion. For more info about our SDKs please see the SDK section here.

How do I get access to a sandbox API?

We will be happy to provide you with some test credentials for testing your application. We ask that you first register on this site if you haven't done so already. You can then request a sandbox via the sandbox page here.

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