We provide a secure testing environment for new API users. It will allow you try out some requests from our examples but also examine other resources and try out some of your ideas.

The data in the sandbox is a complete set of fake school data. To gain access to a sandbox you will need an endpoint URL as well as a username and API key. Please decide which type of sandbox you need (described below) and then contact our API team here.

Shared sandbox

The shared sandbox is very fast to setup and it is most useful for new developers. You can use it to make read requests and try out different filtering and querying options.

Private sandbox

If your application needs to write to Arbor then you will need to test it using a private sandbox. This way your changes to the underlying dataset will not affect other users. We are able to setup private sandboxes for our API partners but the process does take about a week. In the meantime we encourage you to connect to the shared sandbox and explore the API.