The Developer Portal is the first place to find answers to technical queries relating to Arbor’s open, REST API.

We love to hear how you're using the API to improve education, and we'll update this portal with any feedback we receive from the user community.

Not looking to integrate your applications? Then go back to Arbor Home page here www.arbor-education.com.

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If you have specific queries that are not answered in our developer portal, you can email our specialist API team at api@arbor-education.com.

This will result in the fastest, technical response to any query. Please tell us if your query relates to a school or college already working with Arbor.

The API helpdesk is a free service, and we will try to respond to all requests as quickly as we can. The more detail you can give us on what you’re trying to do, timescales and the school’s expectations, the better.


We do not accept general API queries via phone - the quickest and only route to getting a response is by emailing api@arbor-education.com.

If you have a school-specific issue, you can email us to book a call time and discuss in more detail. All our schools have an Engagement Manager and Analyst who support them, so we might want to get this team together to work through an integration project. Let us know what you think is required and whether you want a deep technical or project management/business development conversation.


Arbor is developing all the time, but if you have a custom development request to enhance how your app works with Arbor that only an Arbor engineer can do, you can request development time or project management on a bespoke pricing basis. Our day rate for custom development is £1,500 per day.